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The best way to get rid of pesky animals is by calling the professionals at Platinum Wildlife Removal of [location]. We’re experts in removing unwanted wildlife, rodents and pests from your home or business–safely!

Do you hear scratching in your attic, basement or walls? It’s usually bats in your attic, squirrels in the attic, or mice in the walls. Our team of wildlife removal professionals will check for all entry points, fill those holes and clean up the mess left behind. All wildlife is safely, and humanely, removed in compliance with your municipality’s requirements.

We are licensed and insured wildlife removal company and guarantee our work with a five year warranty.

Got critters? We’ll remove them. And with our warranty, if they come back, we will too!

Bats trapped in your home? Scratching on the ceiling or walls? We have our wildlife removal technicians available 24 hours a day in Cedar Creek as well as the local towns

Wildlife Removal Company Cedar Creek Indiana

Platinum Wildlife Services

Bat Removal Cedar Creek IN

Platinum Wildlife Removal is a bat removal and bat exclusion company in the Cedar Creek Indiana area. Our bat removal products and general bat exclusion services are the best in the wildlife industry. We provide a “Chew Proof” bat solution and a one way bat door / valve to exclude the bats from your home.

Squirrel Removal Cedar Creek Indiana

If you have squirrels in your attic or place of business, call our wildlife experts today and we can set up a squirrel trapping process and after the squirrels are humanely trapped and relocated. We can perform a general squirrel exclusion with a five year warranty to prevent the squirrels from damaging your home again.

Raccoon Removal Cedar Creek

Raccoon removal services Cedar Creek Indiana and surrounding areas. We trap and relocate the raccoons safely and humanely so we can repair your raccoon damaged property all with a 5 year warranty.

Cedar Creek Mice / Rat Removal

Do you have mice or rats in your house or attic? Platinum Wildlife Removal will send out our trained wildlife specialists to perform a full home inspection to find out where the mice or rats are entering your property and provide a solution to stop them.

About Cedar Creek, Indiana

best wildlife trapping in Cedar Creek Indiana

41º27’51” N 85º10’11” W

Called Mes-kwah-wa-se-pe or “old redwood creek” by Native Americans, Cedar Creek is the largest tributary of the St. Joseph River, draining 174,780 acres (707.3 km2) in the Eastern Corn Belt Plains of northeastern Indiana. It is 31.9 miles (51.3 km) long,[1] rising in northwestern DeKalb County and joining the St. Joseph just below the Cedarville Dam in Allen County.

Upper Cedar Creek originated as an ice-marginal channel at the western edge of the Erie Lobe of the Wisconsin Glacier and formed a single stream with the southwest-flowing Eel River which connected to the Wabash River. Lower Cedar Creek was a tributary of the ancestral Eel, carrying glacial meltwater under the ice through a tunnel valley known today as Cedar Creek Canyon.[2] Blockage of the Eel’s channel by outwash from the canyon and a decline in the volume of meltwater caused lower Cedar Creek to reverse its flow. In so doing, it captured the flow of the upper Eel, a classic example of stream piracy that shifted Cedar Creek’s drainage (about 175,000 acres) from the Eel-Wabash system to that of the St. Joseph-Maumee.[3]

Once a meandering stream, upper Cedar Creek was channelized (straightened and deepened) in the early 20th century for agricultural and urban drainage, which has increased the watershed’s vulnerability to erosion and contaminated runoff. Once home to 27 species of freshwater mussel, Cedar Creek has experienced a drastic decline in the mussel population since the 1980s.[4]

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