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As a Kentucky wildlife company we offer a wide range of wildlife services such as bat removal services, raccoon removal and trapping, squirrel trapping and removal. We also provide mice, birds, and skunk removal from your home or business. If you have possums, groundhogs and other wildlife call Pestway Wildlife Removal of Kentucky today.

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Kentucky Bat Removal

We offer a complete solution to remove bats from your home or business that is humane and protects your home for years to come. Our Kentucky bat removal products ensure that once we seal up your property bats will no longer be able to damage your home.

Squirrel & Raccoons

As a Kentucky squirrel and raccoon removal / trapping company we provide a humane and safe relocation process that ensures once the squirrel or raccoon is trapped, they won’t be coming back to your Kentucky home or business.

Kentucky Mice / Rats

If you have mice or rats in your Kentucky home or business, Pestway Wildlife Removal will provide you with a solution that stops the scratching in the walls and seals the holes in your foundation with a chew proof system and industry best lifetime* warranty.

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Frequently Asked Kentucky Wildlife Questions

Usually when you hear scratching in your walls or attic it is more than likely bats in your house, mice, squirrels or chipmunks.

We offer a industry leading lifetime* warranty with all our general exclusions, including general bat exclusions, squirrel exclusions, and mice exclusions

Our bat removal products ensure that once the general bat exclusion is complete and the one way bat doors are installed correctly. Your home or business will be bat free.