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Although bats can be helpful in certain matters, having a bat infestation in your home is not ideal. Bats can cause costly destruction if they infest your attic or ceiling. They also carry diseases and breathing on bat guano can cause respiratory issues. Additionally, bat urine corrodes certain surfaces, which means damage will likely occur.

If you are wondering whether to call a bat removal company, the answer is always yes. Calling professionals is the best way to get rid of a bat infestation once and for all.

Are you looking for a reliable bat removal company in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana? Our bat removal services are top-notch and affordable. Call Platinum Wildlife to remove the bats in your home safely and ensure that you do not have another infestation in the future.

We have decades experience in bat removal, which means that we know the proper procedures to follow and ensure that all the bats are removed from the property. We also have the right techniques so that no bats will be killed during the removal process. Our technicians have proper training and skills that allow them to remove the bats carefully. We also have suitable methods for removing bat guano so that the homeowners do not get exposed to the harmful affects of it.

If you suspect that you have bats in your home, look for these signs. They will confirm that you have bats and should call us for bat removal services.

*Bat sightings on your property. Bats get out to look for food during the early morning or evening.
*Stained ceilings. Bats urinate and leave droppings that stain the ceilings.
*Bat guano in the attic or ceiling
*Scratching or squeaking sounds especially at night.

Call us to get expert bat removal at an affordable price.