Bat Removal in Ohio

Do you need to have bats removed from your attic in Ohio?

Bats play a positive role in Ohio’s ecosystem by keeping mosquito populations under control. Unfortunately, bats also have a tendency to roost in attics, which provide the same dark seclusion as the caves they’re used to. Within attics, bats will soil insulation and ruin flooring with their guano, which is known to spread histoplasmosis.

Bats are also the wild animals that most commonly carry rabies in Ohio, so you should never try to remove them by yourself. Getting bats out of your attic is a job for a professional wildlife removal company.

Safe, Licensed Bat Control Professionals

Pestway Wildlife Removal specializes in removing bats from homes in Ohio. If you think you’ve got a bat infestation, our technicians will inspect your home to confirm the bat presence and identify entry points to your attic. We’ll then install a one-way-valve that allows bats to leave your attic but prevents them from returning.

Once all bats have been removed from your home in Ohio, our team will perform attic remediation services. We’ll dispose of all soiled insulation, sanitize the attic to eliminate histoplasma and parasites, and install new insulation for you. Our bat removal services are warrantied for a full five years.

The Top-Rated Bat Removal Company in Ohio

Bats don’t belong in your attic, and our specialists know how to get them out safely and humanely. Contact Pestway Wildlife Removal today if you need bat removal services for your home in Ohio!

We offer bat removal services in Cincinnati, OH and other surrounding cities. Give us a call today!