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The best way to get rid of pesky animals is by calling the professionals at Platinum Wildlife Removal. We’re experts in removing unwanted wildlife, rodents and pests from your home or business–safely!

Do you hear scratching in your attic, basement or walls? It’s usually bats in your attic, squirrels in the attic, or mice in the walls. Our team of wildlife removal professionals will check for all entry points, fill those holes and clean up the mess left behind. All wildlife is safely, and humanely, removed in compliance with your municipality’s requirements.

We are licensed and insured wildlife removal company and guarantee our work with a five year warranty.

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Wildlife Removal Company Delhi Ohio

Platinum Wildlife Services

Bat Removal Delhi Ohio

Platinum Wildlife Removal is a bat removal and bat exclusion company in the Delhi Ohio area. Our bat removal products and general bat exclusion services are the best in the wildlife industry. We provide a “Chew Proof” bat solution and a one way bat door / valve to exclude the bats from your home.

Squirrel Removal Delhi OH

If you have squirrels in your attic or place of business, call our wildlife experts today and we can set up a squirrel trapping process and after the squirrels are humanely trapped and relocated. We can perform a general squirrel exclusion with a five year warranty to prevent the squirrels from damaging your home again.

Raccoon Removal Delhi

Raccoon removal services Delhi Ohio and surrounding areas. We trap and relocate the raccoons safely and humanely so we can repair your raccoon damaged property all with a 5 year warranty.

Mice / Rat Removal Delhi

Do you have mice or rats in your house or attic? Platinum Wildlife Removal will send out our trained wildlife specialists to perform a full home inspection to find out where the mice or rats are entering your property and provide a solution to stop them.

About Delhi, OH

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39°5′56″N 84°37′25″W

Delhi Township (DEL-hi)[3] is one of the twelve townships of Hamilton County, OhioUnited States. The 2010 census found 29,510 people in the township.[4] It is the only Delhi Township statewide.[5]

Culture and Recreation:

Delhi Skirt Game

Delhi has various annual celebrations, including the Delhi Skirt Game. The Delhi Skirt Game is a Chicago-style softball game between officers of the Delhi Township Police Department and the firefighters of the Delhi Township Fire Department; the teams consist of male officers dressed in drag. The game is played in Delhi Park on the first Friday of August, with festivities surrounding the game including live music, games of chance, concessions, auctions and fireworks. The Skirt Game benefits needy families of Delhi Township.[13]

“Floral Paradise”

Following an 1850s grape blight which destroyed most of the township’s vineyards, many growers turned to vegetable farming. On the heels of a successful transition to vegetable farming, growers began to construct greenhouses in order to extend the growing season. At some point in the 1920–1930s, nearly all of the Delhi greenhouse operators began to realize the greater profit potential of growing flowers, and subsequently converted their greenhouses from vegetable-centric operations to growing cut flowers full-time.

The peak of local hothouse agriculture was reached during the late pre-WWII years, when as many as 55 family-run greenhouses operated in the township. Notably, Delhi Township-based greenhouses produced a significant percentage of carnations supplied throughout the United States by this time. In the local region, Delhi Township became known as the “Floral Paradise of Ohio”, a trademark phrase that is still featured on modern, official Delhi Township signage.

The importance of greenhouses in Delhi Township was even reflected in the equipment of the Delhi Township Fire Department; as late as 1986, small-diameter fire attack lines were equipped with iron pipe couplings (rather than otherwise ubiquitous National Standard threads) in order to be compatible with the fittings in use on most greenhouse irrigation standpipes of the time. This arrangement permitted firefighters to connect their hoses to the source of water closest to an interior greenhouse fire, eliminating the need to drag (potentially) hundreds of feet of heavy, charged hose connected at the fire apparatus’s pump panel outside. In this arrangement, water pressure in the involved greenhouse was boosted by a connection from the pumper to a standpipe connection on the outside of the structure. The requirement to carry a large variety of thread adapters (in order to be compatible with nearby, mutual aid departments), along with the rapid, penultimate decline of hothouse agriculture in Delhi Township led to the complete standardization to National Standard-threaded couplings within the department by the late 1980s.

Today, only a few family-run greenhouses remain—the combined results of a decline in business due to foreign flower imports, as well as the lucrative conversion of greenhouse properties to land made available for residential and commercial development in the post-World War II suburbanization boom.



Story Woods Park, part of the Delhi Park system, has three main paths and is located within woods next to Rapid Run Middle School.

The township operates over 100 acres (40 ha) of park property.[14] Parks operated by the township include Delhi Park, Five-Points Park, and Story Woods Park. Delhi Park, which opened in 1954, is the oldest park in the township. It has nine ball fields, including baseball courts, football fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts. Delhi Park also has the Glen Carder Lodge, four picnic shelters and the “Spray Park.” Five-Points Park, a 1.1 acres (0.45 ha) park, has a gazebo and the firefighter’s memorial. Story Woods Park, a 40 acres (16 ha) park, has a playground facility, a picnic shelter, toilet facilities, and 2.03 miles (3.27 km) of walking trails. The township also has the Delhi Springhouse, which opened to protect the springs. The springhouse was also used as a source of drinking water and as cold storage for perishable foods. The Great Parks of Hamilton County operates Embshoff Woods, a park which opened in 1982 and consists of 331 acres (134 ha) of protected natural areas.[15]

In November 2007, the township dedicated Veterans Memorial Park in honor of the township’s military veterans. Located within the park are the Wall of Honor Monument and the Killed-in-Action Memorial.[16]


The Delhi Press serves the areas of Delhi and Sayler Park, Cincinnati.[17] It is distributed once a week on Wednesdays. An average Delhi Press contains a main article, other articles about the area, school articles, athletic articles (usually focused on high schoolers), recipes, a response article, and an obituary.

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