What Do Bats Eat?

bat diets

Bats have long been associated with one thing and that’s blood. It’s commonly assumed all bats do is fly around and look to suck on blood like vampires.

This is untrue as there is a lot that goes into a bat’s diet.


In general, most bats are going to eat the same type of food, which would be insects. The type of insect is going to vary depending on the region they are in.

For example, the average bat will eat mosquitoes and that is what they prefer to consume when it’s time to eat.

Nectar and Pollen

Some types of bats will look towards something other than insects. They will look to eat nectar and pollen whenever they get the chance to do so.

This is a part of their diet and it allows them to go with something that is far more well-rounded. They still eat insects from time to time, but they mix in these foods too.


Yes, some types of bats are more than willing to only eat meat. This means you will see them eating lizards, frogs, and/or fish from time to time.

This comes down to what they can hunt when they are looking for their next meal. It is also possible for them to feast on small birds out in the wild when they get the chance to do so.

Final Thoughts

Bats are unique animals and have a diet that will vary based on their type. This is why it’s important not to assume all bats are the same and will only be looking to eat insects or only looking to eat fruits. Each one is different and some will mix what they eat throughout their lifetime.

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