The Dangers of Squirrels

The Dangers of Squirrels

Imagine you are sitting in the local park feeding the squirrels. You watch them frolic and play and grab the seeds and nuts from your hand. The sun is glistening off the fountain and you are having a relaxing day, one of the better in a while. You look fondly at your lunch with the squirrels.

Now imagine sitting at your table drinking your morning coffee as you hear the pitter patter of little footsteps scampering above your head. Unsure of what you heard, you open the door to the attic to only see a little ball of fur come flying at you. You scream and manage to get out of the way.

Two very different scenarios, but they play out on a daily basis. While we all love the playful squirrels at the park, we are not too fond of them in the home. They can create havoc with our belongings and home wiring systems causing 30% of all home fires. In addition, they carry a number of sometimes deadly diseases and bacteria.

If you have squirrels invading your home and taking over, it is time to take action today. While there are a number of traps available on the market that allow you to catch and release squirrels back into the open, they are not recommended for the typical homeowner as most problem squirrels need to be relocated at least 20 miles away. There are a number of things one needs to know about the proper handling of squirrels.

The best solution is to call Platinum Wildlife Removal for assistance. They have been properly trained to remove these animals and know how to relocate them to a proper and suitable habitat…outside of your home and attic.

Far too many homeowners have attempted to remove families and communities of squirrels out of the home on their own and ended with disastrous results. Do not be one of those homeowners, contact Platinum Wildlife Removal today.