Squirrel Removal in Dayton, OH

Are you in need of squirrel control services in Dayton?

Squirrels love to raid our bird feeders, and sometimes they take it a step further by invading homes in Dayton. Inside your home, squirrels can cause extensive damage by chewing on everything, and they may start a fire by nibbling on live wiring. Squirrels will also leave droppings and urine all over your house, which may spread diseases like leptospirosis.

Attempting to remove squirrels from your home in Dayton with DIY methods is likely to end in frustrating failure. You’ll need help from a licensed wildlife removal company to get rid of squirrels for good.

A Dependable Squirrel Control Team

If you suspect that squirrels are nesting in your home in Dayton, Pestway Wildlife Removal will inspect your property to determine the squirrel’s entry points and living areas. Next, our professionals will employ advanced squirrel control tactics to trap the pesky critters and remove them from your home.

Other squirrels might try to fill the vacancy, which is why our technicians will fortify your Dayton home with wildlife exclusion materials. You can also trust us to disinfect the formerly squirrel infested areas of your home to eliminate all bacteria.

Dayton's Finest Squirrel Removal Company

No one should have to live with squirrels making a mess of their home. Give Pestway Wildlife Removal a call today for superior squirrel removal services in the Dayton area!