Squirrel Removal in Columbus, OH

Do you need squirrel removal services for your home in Columbus?

Clever and determined, squirrels have no trouble invading homes in Columbus. Unfortunately, squirrels are rude tenants that will gnaw on everything they find, and they can even start fires by chewing on wiring. Another problem with squirrels is that they leave their waste everywhere, which can spread salmonella.

You might want to take a stab at removing squirrels with store-bought traps but don’t expect to have any luck. The only thorough solution to a squirrel problem in Columbus is to hire a licensed wildlife removal company.

Effective Squirrel Control Specialists

If squirrels have become a nuisance in your home in Columbus, Pestway Wildlife Removal will inspect your property to find the squirrels’ entry points and any nests they’ve built. Next, our experts will carefully and humanely trap all of the invading squirrels and remove them from your property.

For long-term protection against squirrels, our technicians can install exclusion materials around areas of your Columbus home that squirrels may try to enter through, like vents and chimneys. You can also count on us to clean up all squirrel droppings and nests.

The #1 Squirrel Removal Company in Columbus

Squirrels are a filthy and destructive presence in a home that should always be handled by professionals. Call Pestway Wildlife Removal today for the best squirrel removal services in the Columbus area!